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PRIMR Values

People First

The conference is not just simply another academic conference; rather, it is all about people coming together to share, learn, and take away relevant information, knowledge of best practices, experience of lessons learned, and insights of wisdom, which are relevant and applicable within communities engaged in proactive Preparation for, Response to, Innovation on, Mitigation of, and Recovery (PRIMR) from, the impacts and effects caused by disasters caused by natural phenomena and/or human actions.

Listen First (or listen before we act)

The conference will highlight how local knowledge is critical for any aspect of PRIMR in order to understand people and respond effectively and efficiently to their needs.


The conference will uphold the need to maintain the highest levels of respect, trust, commitment to each other, the organizations they represent, and the communities they serve.

Cultural Humility

The conference recognizes the value of ALL people, of being open to other ways of doing things, and of being co-learners.

Access to all

The conference will focus on the connectivity among disciplinary and institutional/organizational silos, and will allow a broad range of cross-disciplinary and cross-population perspectives and experiences.


The conference will help people understand and access their own power in all dimensions of PRIMR, focusing on the concept of agency, which refers to the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices.

Applied Science 

The conference will highlight how research in any dimension of PRIMR develops the evidence that helps people make decisions for the benefit of the community as a whole, in facing disasters of any type.