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This section aims at presenting various Image Processing (IP) algorithms created and/or used by Vislab members. Most of them rely on the cross-platform OpenCV Library.


OpenCV is an IP library initially developed by Intel. It is now an open-source library that provides an easy-to-use implementation of the most common algorithms needed in IP.

OpenCV 2.0 universal framework for Mac (ppc/i386)

Here is a universal framework of OpenCV 2.0 released on September09 and tested on ppc and i386 Leopard and Snow Leopard. By the way, I also fixed some bugs and add some improvements:

-> a bug on Mac (carbon) that prevented cvCloseWindow/cvCloseAllWindow from working.
-> a bug when 2 cameras capture images simultaneously (black bands) (see picture bellow)
-> The trackbar now displays its current value (see picture bellow) and is resized according to its name.

Those fix/improvements are added to this framework.


Comp.png Picture 1.png

OpenCV 1.1 pre framework for Mac (i386)

We provide an OpenCV Framework for Mac based on intel processor (i386). This framework also includes our updates or updates provided on OpenCV website. Specifically, this framework is based on OpenCV 1.1_pre and provides new functions and examples.

     - Function CvCapture* cvCreateCameraCapture2(width,height) : 
This function takes width and height as parameters and fixes the bug of black bands appearing on the screen when 2 similar webcams
are used.
This bug was discovered during experiments with 2 Logitec Orbit webcams.
     - Function cvNamedWindowOnTop(char* name, int resize) :
This function takes its name as parameter as well as a boolean to resize the window.
This function was created when we realized that the code stopped running when the windows loses the focus. This way, the code will
never stop running even if the focus is somewhere else (ref image bellow).
     - Function cvCreateTrackbar(const char* trackbar_name, const char* window_name, int* value, int count, 
CvTrackbarCallback on_change)
This function display now its current value (ref image bellow).
     - Bouget algorithm for Stereo Rectification fixed (Thanks to Ginger Tosser- 2009-01-09 12:27 ) [1]
     - Bug with epipolar lines fixed ( Thanks to an anonymous contributor) [2]
     - The extension OpenCVx is included. This add-on completes the range of functions provided by OpenCV. [3] 
For more information about the new functions , see : [4]
In order to use the add-on , just add #include <OpenCV/OpenCVx/[theFunctionYouWant.h]>

Picture framework.png

This Framework has been created by Yannick Verdie, Vislab, Virginia Tech. For more information, contact : email