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VCM(Vector Coherence Mapping) is an algorithm for motion tracking. You can download CPU version of source codes for Mac or Windows. GPU version of the code is available as well.

Install Prerequisite Libraries and Tools

  • C/C++ compiler (VCM 1.0 is known to work with VS 2008, VS 2010 on Windows, Xcode 3.2 on Mac OSX).
  • QuickTime SDK.
  • OpenCV 2.3
  • OpenGL
  • GPU version is implemented for NVIDIA CUDA framework. It requires latest versions of CUDA toolkit and SDK (such as CUDA toolkit and SDK 2.3).


Helps on GPU version

  • Enter a video file name to run with the code in the command line argument.
  • You can use QuickTime or OpenCV library for video processing by setting USE_QUICKTIME or USE_OPENCV macros in "constants.h" file.
  • Camera input is also supported with the use of OpenCV. set USE_OPENCV and CV_CAMERA macros in "constants.h" file.
  • Set image width and height accordingly in "constants.h" file.


  • The CPU version for Windows and GPU version are only tested on Windows 32 bit machine.