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TEILab Focus

TEILab focuses on interaction research based on the premise that humans are embodied beings. Essentially, if the human mind is 'designed' to function in a physical, spatial, temporal, and social world, how do we account for such higher-level thinking as abstraction, learning, creativity, self-identity, and motivation. For Human-Computer Interaction research, our question becomes how one might design technology to support such higher-level functions around the principles of human embodiment. TEILab explores these questions with our collaborators in a variety of areas, most prominently in human learning and creativity nurture, learning/reading support for individuals with blindness or severe visual impairment, multimodal analysis of human communication, and general human experience.

Major Recent and Upcoming Activities

  • Students (4th grade), teachers, and administrators from Neal Elementary School, will travel to the FabLearn Conference in New York on March 8-11. They will present their projects and experience to conference attendees to catalyze discussions on Making to Learn: Aligning Maker Activities with School Curricula.
  • The TITIL kick-off event was held on January 31, 2019. Students from Neal Elementary and Jane Long Intermediate showcased their classroom science projects (from our NSF-supported "Making the Maker" project), followed by a reception with the TITIL team and sponsoring colleges. The event was covered by the local Bryan Eagle News (article).
  • The Texas A&M Institute for Technology-Infused Learning (TITIL - Pronounced Title) was approved by the Texas A&M Board of Regents in November 2018 with Dr. Francis Quek as founding director. The Institute is co-sponsored by four Deans: Architecture, Liberal Arts, Education and Human Development, and Engineering, and Vice President of Research. Associate Directors are: Lynn Burlbaw (TLAC, Education), Malini Natarajarathinam (ETID, Engineering), Rebecca Schlegel (Psychology, Liberal Arts), and Lou Tassinary (Visualization , Architecture). Website for TITIL is forthcoming.


  • We were awarded a NSF grant to explore Work at the Human-Technology Frontier. Convergence HTF: From Making to Micro-Manufacture: Reimagining Work Beyond Mass Production
  • We received a new NSF grant on study physical enactment of imagination as a means to support expressive writing,. EXP: To Enact, To Tell, To Write: A Bridge to Expressive Writing through Digital Enactment
  • Prof Sharon Chu and Prof Francis Quek gives an invited keynote at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology event on Teaching and Making on August 20, 2016.
  • Prof F. Quek gives the closing plenary keynote at Fablearn Europe on June 20, 2016 in Preston UK. Title of talk: "Making in the Classroom: The Rationale, the Challenge, and the Imperative.
  • We received a new grant EAGER: Making in the Colonias: Motivating STEM Participation through Making as Micro-Manufacture from a proposal in response to the National Science Foundation Dear Colleague letter on Making and Education.
  • We received a new grant CHS: Small: Connecting Across Distances: Emotional Support for At-Risk Individuals through Remote Touch from the National Science Foundation, Cyber-Human Systems Program
  • We have released our Making the Maker website: "http://MakingtheMaker.tamu.edu'" that serves as the face of the project. Educators and researchers can go to the site for information of how they may incorporate our research and approach in their own work and teaching
  • Paper appears in ToCHI, a flagship journal of Human-Computer Interaction
Ji-Sun Kim, Denis Gračanin, Taeyoung Yang, and Francis Quek. 2015. Action-Transferred Navigation Technique Design Approach Supporting Human Spatial Learning. "ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (ToCHI)" 22, 6, Article 30 (September 2015), 42 pages. DOI=http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2811258
  • Paper garners Outstanding Paper Award at the International Conference on Multimodal Interaction: ICMI
Elglaly, Y. and Quek, F., “Digital Reading Support for The Blind by Multimodal Interaction,” Accepted in ACM International Conference of Multimodal Interaction, Awarded Outstanding Paper Award, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014 (acceptance rate: 18% for oral presentations).
Chu, S., Quek, F., and Tanenbaum, J., “Performative Authoring: Nurturing Storytelling in Children through Imaginative Enactment,” International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS), Istanbul Turkey, 2013. (Awarded Best Paper of Conference Honors).

In the News

  • 31st January, 2019:The TITIL kick-off event and showcase by grade 3-5 students from Neal Elementary and Jane Long Intermediate showcased their classroom science projects (from our NSF-supported "Making the Maker" project) was covered by the local Bryan Eagle News (article) and by the TV news.
  • 21st April, 2016: Neal Elementary School students with whom we have worked for nearly a year visited the Texas A&M University Campus to present their science to TAMU administrators, faculty, and students. KBTX TV came to the event and did a news spot: Bryan students engage with Texas A&M for hands-on learning