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Project Team

  • Dr. Francis Quek Professor; Director, Center for Human Computer Interaction
  • Xiao Lin PhD Student
  • Bing Fang PhD - Completed 2011
  • Pak-Kiu Chung MS - Completed
  • Yannick Verdie MS - Completed

Note: This is a recently completed project that is currently dormant

Project Overview

MirrorTrack is a novel way to track gestures and touch interaction on a LCD or plasma screens. By placing the camera at a low azimuth angle over the screen, the screen surface becomes an almost perfect mirror. This means that visual interference from what is displayed on the screen is minimized, and we can use the reflection of a user's finger either touching or hovering over the screen in the gesture and touch tracking algorithm.

This yields an interesting solution because it is both very easy to implement and providing a good user’s experience by using a completely new method.Its main particularity is that it is inexpensive and can be setup with simple day-to-day devices. It opens the door to an enriched Touch experience for numerous users.

For more technical details, see this website.


A review on Hand tracking algorithm and introduction to MirrorTrack, 11 November 2008 Media:ReviewMirrorTrack.pdf‎


  • Chung, P.-K., Fang, B., and Quek, F., “MirrorTrack – A Vision Based Multi-Touch System for Glossy Display Surfaces,” The 5th IET Visual Information Engineering 2008 Conference (VIE'08), July 29-August 1, 2008, Xi'an, China, pp. 571-576.
  • Chung, P., Fang, B., Ehrich, R., and Quek, F., “MirrorTrack - A real-time multiple camera approach for multi-touch interactions with glossy display surfaces,” in Applied Imagery and Pattern Recognition, 2008, Washington, DC.


This research has been supported by National Science Foundation Grant: CRI: Interfaces for the embodied mind, IIS-0551610