Brain surface analysis

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Project Team

  • Dr. Francis Quek Professor, Center for HCI
  • Cemil Kirbas Ph.D. Student - graduated
  • Richard Yarger M.S. Student - graduated

Note: This is a past project that is currently dormant

Brief Description

In this research, we employed deformable models to extract the surface contours in 3D medical images. By a first order estimation of local surface normals, we regroup the surface points into Monge patches that allow us to compute analytical surface models everywhere using a variant of the Facet Model. We can then characterize the brain surface in terms of 3D curvature patches that help to identify critical brain surface regions.


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This research was supported by the Whittaker Foundation: “Extraction and Registration of the Neurovascular Scaffold in Multimodal Images,” Whitaker-96-0458